Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) from individuals and businesses regarding standard property surveys.  

Q:   What is surveying and mapping?  
A:   A process of direct measurement and analysis specifically designed to document the existence, the identity, the location, and the dimension or size of natural or artificial features on land or in the air, space or water for the purpose of producing accurate and reliable maps, suitable for visualization, if needed.

This may also include features of the property like elevations, improvements made (i.e. your home or other buildings), well locations, fences, neighbors fences, etc.   This is done through office research as well as field work, and may include setting corner markers, stakes, flagging, etc.  An official land survey can only be completed by a Professional Land Surveyor and Mapper registered with the state board.  In this case, Florida.  C&A Engineers and Surveyors not only has this required licensure, but also holds a license for a registered Professional Engineer in Florida.

Q:   Why do I need a survey?
A:    You may need a land survey for many reasons, but here are some of the most common:

Q:   What makes one surveyor better than another?
A:     This may be a gray area to some, but from the perspective of owners and management at C&A Engineers and Surveyors we believe the best surveyor holds a number of essential traits including commitment to service, integrity, high levels of accuracy, experience in the field of surveying, engineering, mathematics, public policy, land development and zoning, and the ability to communicate effectively. 

Q:   How much does a survey cost?
A:    That depends on many factors, but here are some of the considerations made when determining price:

Q:   Why choose C&A Engineers and Surveyors for all your surveys?

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